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Data security    
Considering the severity of data security issues, Oasis Recyclers provide our valuable e-waste customers the service of data security. Our data security is safe and reliable from the point where journey of e-waste product start i.e. when our representative arrives at your premises to collect e-waste till those data units are recycled. We also provide on-site hammering/shredding of Hard Drives for customer satisfaction, on request.
“As we promote and are involved in e-waste recycling to address health and environmental issues, it is imperative that we keep in mind that this standard also provides for data sanitization.”
Data Eradication
Electronic goods contain trade secrets, financial information, client data, employee records, software, and other invaluable information that amounts to years of work. Eradicating the data from a hard drive is a process that does not destroy the media itself, but only the data recorded on it. The advantage of data eradication is that once complete, the drive can be redeployed within your organization potentially saving you considerable money on buying new units.
Every asset received by Oasis Recyclers is entered into our database, carefully audited and processed. Audit reports are generated, and certificates of Data destruction are issue to guarantee the services rendered.
Data wipe is designed with tested algorithms that erase data from the media to make it impossible to retrieve. Data wipe is an advanced security software with full capabilities to erase entire hard disk drive partitions, folders, subfolders and files selected by you. Unused disk space that contains offline/online internet activities including history folders, cookies, internet files, temp folders and URL list and passwords are also removed from the computer drives to ensure secured computer privacy.
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Data security
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