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The risks associated with inappropriate way of disposing end-of-life technology can be tremendously damaging. One needs to evaluate all your risk issues such as accounting, asset management, depreciation, regulatory requirements, storage, taxes, and technology valuation.
At Oasis we can help with that process, by providing consultation to develop a cost-effective and time-efficient plan to protect the environment and the company.We suggest the best disposition options. If your assets are re-marketable, they may cover the costs of disposal. Assets with no value are decommissioned and recycled in an environmentally safe manner.
Environmental Considerations

Computer equipment contains lead, chromium, cadmium, mercury and other hazardous metals. Appropriate recycling and handling of such materials is very important for the protection of our environment.
Prevent heavy fines
Protect your company’s reputation
Preserve our precious Earth
Cost Considerations

Storing afterlife technical equipment can be expensive. Warehousing obsolete technical equipments isn’t a good idea as they add up below costs:
Costs related to software de-installation
Square footage costs
Labor costs; put equipment into storage and remove from storage
Failure to transfer unused software licenses and warranties
Data Security Considerations

Protecting your most sensitive electronic information, creating a clear data disposal policy is equally important to having a solid data retention plan.
Asset Recovery
Data security
Handling Hazards
Reverse Logistics
Video Survillance

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